Elga K. Haaf

Elga K. Haaf is exhibiting her art work in Mountmellick Gallery from Tuesday 7th March until Friday 31st March.

Elga was born in Southern Germany but has lived in Ireland since 2010. She was educated as a Graphic Designer and Art Therapist in Munich, Bavaria. “This exhibition shows two sides of my personality: the interest in the ‘outer world’, in the beauty of flowers, in people and in still lives. And there is the ‘inner world’, the intuitive part of me, the spiritual part. ‘Watching’ and ‘listening’ by creating art is the joy of my life.”


 ‘Duality’ by Caroline Keane & Students

In February, local artist Caroline Keane displayed her work called duality. The exhibition included paintings by Caroline and her students. It included both adult and children’s artwork. Thanks to all for attending!



‘A Praxis of the Mind’ by Inguna Mainule

“My work deals manly with the dramatic narrative of life – at once dark and light, intimate and distant, fractured and complete, opaque yet transparent. The fact that I live and work in Co. Laois has inspired my work/pieces, gaining a deeper awareness and confidence in what I do as an artist and why it is so important to me. My influences are first and foremost based on everything I see, feel and experience, the stories I hear and the dramas that unfolds in life. I work in a wide range of media, focusing mainly on colour and texture.

The artist in me hopes that the pieces create a space for the viewer to reflect.”