May 2018  Exhibition – “The Absence of Presence”

The artist expresses the concept of the “Absence of Presence” through the medium of casting plaster and photography of a chair.

The chair is a man-made object, originally created from wood, the chair can be a homely object.

A chair is everywhere we go – there are chairs in offices, doctors, dentists and nights out with friends.   The chair, throughout the centuries, has been a symbolic article of state and dignity.  Nowadays, the chair is an object for everyday use.

When we think of a chair, it is to seat one person.

The artist reflects the concept of the Absence of Presence through use of the chair.

This study started back in 2013 when the artist began to dissect the chair to express the concept of the Absence of Presence.  The chair was photographed in different surroundings.   The chair was cast in plaster.  The plaster was removed through the act of performance art with the use of an axe.  Since 2013, the artist has been working on the development of the study of Absence and Presence.

The chair has changed over the years from a dark wooden chair from the artist’s uncle’s kitchen to an old antique chair, which the artist had a great appreciation of.

The exhibition, The Absence of Presence tells an intricate story, leading the viewer through a mirrored world, which requires second glances. An array of casting plaster sculptures milky white, speckled with hints of mahogany, alongside a varied collection of photography is what awaits.

This exhibition will be launched on Thursday, 10th May, 2018 and 6.00 p.m. – Everyone welcome!




The library is inviting submissions from artists, photographers and sculptors who would like to book an exhibition space in the gallery for 2018/19. Please call in to the library to pick up an exhibition application form and chat to our staff about using the gallery.


June 2018  Exhibition – Abbeyleix Further Education Centre