Portlaoise Town Centre Public Realm Strategy/Vision Statement

Laois County Council would like to thank all those who came to the Public Stakeholder Workshops held in August, October 2016 and on the 4th April 2017 at the Heritage Hotel. These workshops / information evenings provided the project team with invaluable information and feedback which has shaped the preparation of the Portlaoise Town Centre Public Realm Strategy / Vision Statement.

A Vision for Portlaoise – A Strategy for a Better Town Centre has been prepared by the Commissioned Consultants GVA et al which provides a proposed strategy, interventions, and policies including the following:

  • A ‘Shared Vision’ for Portlaoise Town Centre public spaces, parks, landscaping, walkways, traffic, transport, parking etc.
  • Key design interventions for urban spaces designated for enhancement,
  • Pedestrian priority linkages between the old and new areas of Town Centre and
  • A 3D model of Portlaoise Town Centre showing the existing town, the proposed interventions and the exposure and showcasing of the heritage assets.
  • Proposed policies and objectives and design manual.

Portlaoise 2040 Draft Part 1

Portlaoise 2040 Draft Part 2

We are keen to continue to engage with not only those people living, working and employed within the study area but also the people residing in the wider town, businesses in the area, visitors etc.


2040 A Portlaoise Vision – strategy for a new town centre


If you wish to make a submission to “2040: A Portlaoise Vision”

Please submit by Email to;  brian.maher@gva.ie

Or by writing to Brian Maher at;

GVA Planning

Seagrave House,

19-20 Earlsfort Terrace,

Dublin 2

Last day for receipt of submissions is 4pm on Friday 21st April 2017